Newly Buried Body of 22-Year-Old Girl Who Died of Leukemia, Raped by Neighbor in Davao!

‘Mang Boy’ and his family had just buried his 22-year-old daughter at a cemetery in Barangay Taguibo, Mati City in Davao Oriental last November 14 after she died of leukemia last November 5. But they were shocked to find out her dead body was raped by one of their neighbors!

According to Mang Boy, a neighbor named ‘Bibo’ went to their house to ask for soap so he could take a bath but they were puzzled that he reeked of formalin odor. The guy then joked that his dead daughter was still a virgin, leading the family to rush to the grave to check on their daughter.

Screenshot from report by ABS-CBN Umagang Kay Ganda
Screenshot from report by ABS-CBN Umagang Kay Ganda

They were quite shocked to see that the grave had been opened and the glass cover of the coffin already separated from the rest of the structure. The dead body no longer had clothes on; these were scattered outside the grave.

While the family did not seek an autopsy or medical check-up on the body to determine if their daughter was, indeed, raped, they believe that based on what Bibo said and the situation at the grave, it was positive that he had done the atrocious deed!

The barangay officials and cops immediately arrested Bibo but his family claimed that he would never do such a deed; though they admitted that he is not mentally sound.

After 12 hours, however, Bibo was released by the cops because the dead girl’s family did not file a case against him.

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