Netizens Tell PhilStar President’s Daughter that Paper Got Mocha Uson as Columnist to Boost Their Popularity

After Regina Belmonte, the daughter of the Philippine Star (PhilStar) president angrily posted a series of tweets lambasting her dad for getting Mocha Uson as columnist, netizens pointed out to her that it is actually the paper who needs her, not the other way around!

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When news broke out that Mocha will be writing her own column on the Opinion-Editorial (Op-Ed) section of the Philippines, a lot of people got angry because she does not have a journalism degree (she’s actually a medical technologist although more well known as a sexy entertainer).

Also, Mocha has been among the most vocal supporters of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte – and his detractors were certainly not pleased that she will soon get her own column in a national newspaper as this might place her alongside the mainstream media and, definitely, she’s not a journalist.

In fact, Duterte’s critics maintain that not only is Mocha unqualified to be a journalist, she’s also fond of “twisting the truth” and “creating false reports” but Mocha defends herself saying that she’s only reporting news that the mainstream media refuse to report because these are the good things being done and accomplished by the Duterte administration.


Photo by MindaVote / Facebook
Photo by MindaVote / Facebook

Despite the fact that Mocha is “just a blogger” and is not mainstream media, her Facebook page has very high marks in terms of reach and engagement – something that mainstream media like PhilStar actually struggle to surpass.

Week after week, while PhilStar with its 1.4 million followers/likers gets an average of around 100k, Mocha’s Facebook page with 4.4 million followers/likers gets around 3 million or more!

But if you think that’s because of Mocha having more followers than PhilStar, just compare the numbers of media giants ABS-CBN News and GMA Network who both have over 10 million followers each over Mocha’s data.

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  1. Newspapers are partners for the country’s progress….employing this kind of writer known to be a peddler of lies and twister of truth…is a not a healthy move.

    • You are just another BLIND follower of the YELLOWTARDS that do not want any changes in the country if you say this writer is a peddler of LIES and a TWISTER of truth! Open your EYES and read what she is blogging on FB! The Philippines will never succeed if there are some guys like you whose got this STINKING ATTITUDE and BELIEFS.

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