Netizen Slams De Lima for Denying Kerwin’s Accusations, Shares Photo of Senator at Burnham Park Wearing Same Outfit in Kerwin Photo

Sen. Leila De Lima has repeatedly denied knowing alleged drug lord Kerwin Espinosa on a personal level. When a photo surfaced of them together in a group picture with an unnamed lady, De Lima claimed that she still could not remember who he is and believes the photo was taken sometime during the election period where lots of people often try to get their photos taken with their favorite candidates.

When Kerwin was finally presented in the Senate hearing, he claimed to have given payola to many cops and to De Lima (through her former lover and driver Ronnie Dayan) in exchange for protection; however, the senator still wouldn’t admit that she knows him at all.

An irked netizen would later share a photo of her own mom and tita on Facebook, taken last November 19, 2015. According to Janelle Beliza, the photo of her family members with De Lima was taken at Burnham Park in Baguio City – it is interesting to note that the clothes De Lima was wearing in the photo with Kerwin also seemed to be the same as the one on Beliza’s photo.

Photo credit: Janelle Belleza / Crabbler
Photo credit: Janelle Belleza / Crabbler

Of course, Beliza’s post does not prove anything from Kerwin’s allegations; though netizens noted how her smile looked small and somewhat ‘forced’ in the photo with Beliza’s mom and aunt while she looked genuinely happy in the photo with Kerwin and the unknown lady.

Still, the photo could also work in De Lima’s favor – after all, she didn’t personally know Beliza’s mom and aunt yet she had a photo taken with them…

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