Mom’s Bonding Moment with Daughter Literally Grows into a Successful Business!

When she quit her job as corporate officer in a big mobile company abroad so she could personally take care of her two kids and spend more time with them, Karen Argos had given up a lot in terms of income. Still, like many stay-at-home-moms who previously held jobs, Karen has no regrets.

Gardening soon became one of the hobbies she got to enjoy with her eldest daughter – but little did she know that the bonding moment with her daughter would literally grow into a lucrative family business!

Photo credit: The Green House Project / Facebook
Photo credit: The Green House Project / Facebook

Back in Christmas 2013, Karen and her daughter repotted plants and made mini gardens they sold for Php150 each to family and friends. A lot of people enjoyed the inexpensive gifts they were selling that soon they received plenty of orders.

Realizing that this could be a promising business, Karen and her husband launched their business with a Php10,000 capital, The Green House Project. As its name implies, the business aims to help people add some greens into their house.

The project was an instant hit – and the family soon received plenty of online orders by the first quarter of 2014! They soon joined bazaars and gained more clients in the process.

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