Mocha Uson’s Debut as Columnist on Philstar, A Huge Hit on Social Media

Social media was abuzz over news that Mocha Uson will debut as columnist on the Philippine Star (PhilStar) on November 8, 2016. People were divided over whether she was qualified to write on a national paper as she isn’t a journalist or whether she had the right to do it by virtue of freedom of speech.

As expected, many supporters of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte lauded PhilStar’s move since Mocha is one of the president’s most vocal supporters; meanwhile, his critics slammed the decision, saying that Mocha will only be bringing her penchant for fake news and stain the image of the daily paper.

Even the owner’s own daughter blasted the news on social media, calling Mocha a “reprehensible human being” and “garbage”.

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Supporters were quick to defend Mocha, telling Regina Belmonte that PhilStar actually needs Mocha, not the other way around.

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Netizens waited for November 8 to see whether Belmonte’s social media tantrum will be fruitful and Mocha won’t be published on the paper – but it seems that Mocha has won this round because her column HOTSPOT did debut on PhilStar as announced!

Photo credit: MOCHA USON BLOG / Facebook
Photo credit: MOCHA USON BLOG / Facebook

Taking into consideration the situations she had been through these past weeks, Mocha aptly chose “I have the right to speak” as the title of her first ever PhilStar article. She defended herself from her staunch critics who had been hurtling abusive words about her character and ‘lack of journalistic skills’.

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