Hilarious Photo of “Egg Boy” Goes Viral… But His Situation Looks Really Dangerous!

In the Philippines, people find ways to bend the laws of transportation and traffic to save money, go faster (even if not easier) to their destinations, to simply get the task completed, or because it seems like the most practical thing to do.

For example, many people in hinter barangays ride on top of jeepneys or even at the sides and extensions of ‘habal-habal’ motorcycles to reach their homes. Such is the way of life in many areas in the Philippines.

But in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental in Central Philippines, there’s a new photo that has gone viral – of what netizens called as the “Egg Boy”. In the snapshot shared on social media by netizen Patrick Hascoet, a young man could be seen sitting on a spare tire of a multicab, seemingly ‘hugging’ the trays of eggs inside the cab but most probably just actually holding on for dear life as the vehicle moved.

Photo credit: Patrick Hascoet / Facebook
Photo credit: Patrick Hascoet / Facebook

This is surely headed for the market or some large supermarket in the city but while the photo looks truly hilarious, this does not change the fact that this was also extremely dangerous – for him and the eggs!

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