Gorgeous Girl Selling Vegetables Goes Viral for Looking Like Liza Soberano

As the eldest of 6 children, Marian had to quit school to help her parents earn a living by selling vegetables in Gordon hts, Olongapo in the Philippines to feed and support her younger siblings – and at age 12 (she’ll be turning 13 this month), she’s still in Grade 4.

Marian had recently gone viral as the “Gulay Girl” (Vegetable Girl) after some of her photos were shared on social media and people began likening her to Kapamilya star Liza Soberano.

Photos by: Kami ang Batang Gapo / Facebook
Photos by: Kami ang Batang Gapo / Facebook

As “Gulay Girl”, she earned praise for being hardworking and proud of what she’s doing, especially because a lot of kids these days have different ideals and that people with attractive physical appearances don’t often settle for manual jobs as they can find other options that are less strenuous.

Of course, there were also a lot of people who said that she was just another ‘useless’ viral sensation as she had only gone popular because of her good looks but would have surely been ignored if she looked ugly. Still, many defended the lovely “Gulay Girl”, saying that everyone has different fates and if this is hers, then it would be nice that she became popular because of her good looks and for being hard-working.

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  1. To reduce poverty, let us uplift some of the poor to join the higher class of our society. Surely, a great majority of them have something to give of themselves as talent, skill, looks and the likes. They are unassuming, shy and waiting to be discovered. To rescue a single poor person is already one big accomplishment of our country. Give this girl the best we can.

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