Former McDo Crew Shares Horror Story as Reason Behind His Quitting the Job

As crew of a McDonald’s outlet somewhere in Antipolo, Rizal, one guy had a horrific experience that was so scary it gave him nightmares even years after it had happened!

In a post that has gone viral on the Facebook fan page of love team JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre), this guy’s story was shared. His name was not shared on the post but many netizens who read the story assumed that it had really happened.

Based on the story, the McDo crew didn’t get to work for longer hours than his usual shift of around 4 to 6 hours; thus, when the manager asked whether he could extend his shift to 2AM one particular night, he readily agreed.

Photo credit: Shutterstock
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Even before the manager had asked him that, he had noticed an old woman trying to speak with people outside and later inside the establishments but no one really bothered to take notice. Then, as he was mopping the floor, she went to him to ask where the comfort room was but when he directed her towards the toilet area, she compelled him to go with her.

He had no idea that his nightmare was just about to start.

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