Family Living in Tattered Tent Receives Help after Plight Goes Viral

In Quirangay, Camalig in Albay, Bicol, a family of seven lives in a tattered tent. The dad had left them while the mom works as a laundry woman – and the kids are often left to their own devices inside that tent they call home.

A group of Grade 10 students from the Dominican School of Camalig visited the family and shared their plight on social media because though they tried to help a bit, they knew that they needed more help from other people to ensure that this family will have something better than that tattered tent they are living in.

Photo credit: Samantha Yap / Facebook
Photo credit: Samantha Yap / Facebook


According to Samantha Yap, one of the students who visited the family, they were shocked to see the condition this family was living in. They sleep on the floor inside the hot tent (which definitely becomes a cold tent at night) and the youngest child had wounds all over her body.


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