Duterte Once Again Breaks Protocol to Personally Offer Seat to Ramos

Despite former President Fidel Ramos saying harsh words about what he thinks of the administration of incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte, the latter appears to have harbored no ill will against him. In fact, despite Ramos expressing his intention to resign from his cabinet position, Duterte expressed that he remains hopeful the former president will still help him out.

In a private meeting between the two presidents on Monday, November 14, at the Orchid Room in Malacañang Palace, Duterte once again broke protocol (he’s been doing a lot of that, actually – and the local media can definitely attest to that…) when he personally pulled a chair and offered a seat to the former president.

Photo credit: Monching Lumantas / Facebook
Photo credit: Monching Lumantas / Facebook

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, netizen Monching Lumantas wrote, “No other President has shown utmost humility, honor and respect to a former President despite the differences in their brand of leadership.

The photo also came with hashtags, #NoHateAtAll #ChangeAtLast

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