Daughter of PhilStar President Angrily Reacts over Mocha Uson’s Upcoming Column on Their Paper

Yesterday, Ricky Lo revealed that Mocha Uson (real name Margaux Uson) will be writing in the Op-Ed section of the Philippine Star beginning Tuesday, November 8. She will have her own column, believed to be entitled, “Hotspot”.

Indeed, Mocha confirmed this with a post on her own Facebook page, sharing Lo’s article and telling her supporters that she agreed to become a columnist on PhilStar but she wouldn’t be paid for it. She’s doing this to share the wishes and sentiments of ordinary Filipinos.

According to Mocha, she won’t be receiving any payment from anybody for the column to ensure that she wouldn’t have a boss to answer to but the solid supporters of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

Photo credit: MOCHA USON BLOG / Facebook
Photo credit: MOCHA USON BLOG / Facebook

As expected, the news received mixed reactions – especially because there had been moves to silence Mocha on social media a few weeks ago yet she’s being given a column on a national paper.

One of the most notable reactions against Mocha’s upcoming PhilStar column surprisingly came from the daughter of the paper’s president. Apparently, Regina Belmonte was against the idea that her dad hired Mocha.

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