Born Dead at a Public Hospital, This Baby Comes Back to Life Thanks to Doctor’s Dedication

At a public hospital in Batangas, Philippines, Dr. Drolah Sanchez was entertaining thoughts of quitting her difficult job for she’s getting literally sick not because of the constant exposure to germs and diseases but due to stress, lack of proper food at correct meal times of the day, lack of sleep, and a lot of reasons.

At the close of another 48-hour shift in September 2016, she really was ready to quit. But something happened that truly changed her mind and her life as well.

A nurse rushed to tell her that a mom had just arrived to give birth to her baby but with the child in breech position, the mom could not push her out even when she’s been trying to do it for hours. Without dinner the previous night, the doctor was already feeling truly hungry but she had a duty to fulfill. She attended to the mom.

Photos by Dr. Drolah Sanchez
Photos by Dr. Drolah Sanchez / Facebook

Sad news greeted her. At 42 weeks gestation, the child is already post-term and has ingested her own waste. It had been hours since the amniotic sac broke, leaving too little fluid for the child. The child’s heart rate is too slow already but Dr. Sanchez tried her best to deliver the baby.

Its bottom came out first; thus, the doctor had to pull out her hips and legs but it was clear by then that the child was dead. Still, the doctor persevered and was shocked to see that the umbilical cord was twisted and wrapped tightly around the baby’s neck!

Ready to give up on her career but not about to just let this baby go, Dr. Sanchez prayed for intercession; asking Mother Theresa who had just been recently canonized as saint then, to help her make the baby live. In a post she later shared on Facebook, the doctor vowed that if the child won’t be revived, she will quit her job for that was surely a sign – she even took a video of their efforts to revive the baby as evidence that she really should be quitting her tiresome job.

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