After Joking about Duterte Skipping Her Interview and Her #GandangDiNapakinabangan, Kris Aquino Later Calls it ‘Epic Snub’ on Social Media

Kris Aquino took to social media to share her sentiments about what she believed was an ‘epic snub’ done to her by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte after he skipped her live one-on-one interview due to migraine.


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Aquino wrote on Instagram a day after Duterte skipped her interview, “Humble & realistic enough to admit it was an epic snub- but learning so much from @beyonce. #Lemonade 🍋#GoNegosyo2016AngatLahat (P.S. To all of you: my family, friends, and compassionate netizens- group hug tayo? Thank you for showing me love & appreciation. ️)

She also included screenshots of messages from fans and positive news links that praised her for getting on with the show despite the president not arriving for the planned interview.

Screenshot of post on Instagram / Kris Aquino
Screenshot of post on Instagram / Kris Aquino

The ‘epic snub’ happened on the day of Aquino’s TV comeback after taking a break from showbiz earlier in the year. While she joked about #GandangDiNapakinabangan, referring to her special dress for the moment (she also revealed she went on diet for 2 weeks), she also said in jest that she hopes the president could still love her and grant her an interview in the future.

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  1. We can all only guess at the reason for the President’s failure to show up for his supposedly scheduled interview, the one thing we can be sure off is that it’s most probably a valid one. He is the president after all of our country currently knee deep in things to fix, so maybe next time right?

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