8-Year-Old Boy Sings Carols to Earn Money for Baby Sister

Their dad is in prison while they mom left him and his baby sister in the care of their grandmother; so 8-year-old Rufino Tapdasan took it upon himself to find a ‘job’ so he could help earn money to feed the family, especially his baby sister.

So, the young lad from Sitio Lower Magdoc in Naga, Cebu would walk to the Naga Baywalk to sing carols to the joggers and families hanging out to enjoy the view.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News
Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

But while he earns money every night for his sister and himself, the young boy still gets up early the following morning so he could go to school. He has to walk some 40 minutes to get to the school but this does not stop him from trying his best to get there, anyway.

With his dream of becoming a police officer someday, this young boy needs a lot of guidance and help but we’re all hoping that he would continue living his dreams and not be dismayed by all the negativities in the world, even the fact that his family does not have a lot of money to feed the children.

Watch his performance in this video shared by social media user Mabale Pam Pamelajean on Facebook:

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Posted by Mabale Pam Pamelajean on Sunday, November 13, 2016