6 Global Brands That You Probably Didn’t Know are Actually Pinoy Companies!

Can you name homegrown brands that have expanded from their native Philippines to various countries across the world? Of course, Jollibee would surely top any survey we make on that matter but did you know that there are lots of Filipino companies that have now expanded to other countries and have become globally recognized brands?

There really are a lot of these brands out there but we’re sharing here some of the brands that you probably didn’t know were actually Pinoy companies!

Let’s start with…

Yellow Cab Pizza

Yellow Cab Pizza is from New York City, right? Wrong! The company actually started in the Philippines back in 2001 to bring NYC pizza to the country. Today, it has expanded to the US and other countries but it’s hard to imagine that it actually hailed from the Philippines.

Photo credit: Yellow Cab Pizza
Photo credit: Yellow Cab Pizza

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