UAAP Spectators Asked to Wear Black to Protest EJKs and LNMB Burial for Marcos… But Many Wore School Colors

Days before the UAAP men’s basketball game on Oct. 2, 2016 between the Ateneo de Manila University and the De La Salle University, photos of memos coming from both schools had gone viral, urging players and spectators to wear black in solidarity with human rights victims and to protest the possible burial of former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) as well as the ‘growing number of extrajudicial killings/summary executions in the country.

University President Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin, SJ’s statement on solidarity gesture during the UAAP men’s basketball game on Oct. 2,2016.

Posted by Ateneo de Manila University on Thursday, September 29, 2016

Such silent protest action is clearly also a protest against the incumbent president, Rodrigo Duterte.

But while there were those who wore black, many wore their school colors – and the auditorium was filled with a sea of green (De La Salle) and white.

Photos by Tambayan ni Berto / Facebook


These people are showing solidarity behind the president despite the clear memo that they protest against him.


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  1. No this is not a duterte sign. This is DLSU singing their alma mater and they have always raised a fist when they sing it. Get your facts straight

  2. LOL pictures puro sa DLSU side. Just to be clear, no one cares about fucking politics in a basketball game. AND BTW, “DUTERTE FIST SIGNS”? Retard alert.

  3. Ano daw po?! Mema gawa lang po ah? They didn’t even formed a fist, it was a sign symbol for the letter A. Think before you click! Lalo niyo lang pinapagulo yung balita sa bansa eh. Get your facts straight! Satire ata to?

    • really? well b4 you type that comment, did you bother to see who’s on the picture? it’s RAFFY ALUNAN. pag di mo xa kilala mag research ka. dont be gullible

  4. That’s the DLSU Alma Mater, for Christ’s sake. While singing it Lasallians raise their right arms in that gesture. What “Duterte fist sign” are you talking about? It has NOTHING to do with Duterte.

  5. get your facts straight!!! Both DLSU and ADMU sing their alma matter hymn with their fists raised.



    • As far as I know Lasallians were taught to sing their alma mater making an L shape with their hands, not their fists

    • anong sing? wa epek ang pakulo nyo dre. huwag kasi e-mixed ang sports sa politics. until now, di pa rin maka-move on. what a shame…lol

      • HAHA do you even know UAAP? Every single student from every single school does that every single time their school hymn plays. I guess you wouldn’t know?

  6. Hahaha kawawang Yellow Ribon wala nang glamour sa tao, Anti EJK, Anti LNB ba? PI nyo kayong lahat kokonti nalang kayo dito sa mundo marami ang nasusuka sa inyo. Pati ba naman sa Sports papasokan ba ng black propaganda ng politics style ang kapal ng mukha nyo hindi na kayo nahiya sa Basketball lovers at sa mga tao na nag si pagtapos at kasalukuyan nag aaral sa kani kanilang alma matter nila.

  7. Don’t be stupid. Audiences/Students/Alumni raise their fists every time their Hymn plays. It’s not for supporting Duterte.

  8. i had enough with the church and priests hypocrisy. after telling the
    students to wear the so called protest collors the students didnt
    follow and raised their fists as support for duterte. it detonates in
    their faces the bomb that they’re cooking. the people are awake

  9. guys, kawawa naman si JD. never siya naka attend ng UAAP/NCAA basketball game. baka hinde rin siya naka attend ng high school…
    The raising of the fist to sing the alma mater hymn is not the duterte salute.
    he asked did we do it last season?
    Well, we do this every single time we sing the alma mater hymn.
    It has been done even before Du30 became significant, it will be done long after all of us here are 6 feet under.

  10. According late sen. Santiago egnorance can be treated. But stupid is forever patang ganito lang ang peg ng nanawagan mag suot ng black.

  11. Fists are traditionally raised in the air like so when schools sing their hymn. It’s funny how this article is very unprofessional and biased. I believe it should be taken down, really. For the individual who so wrote this, please do your research before acting like a know-it-all and sharing stuff like this especially to the public. The main basis of this article is unbelievably ridiculous. This site is only losing its credibility with this post!

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