Transit Lounge at NAIA Offers a Comfortable Place to Rest While You Wait for Your Flight

While air travel is the fastest way to travel from one distance to another, it is not without its fails and you do spend a lot of time at the airport especially because you need to check in early, sometimes several hours before the flight if you are heading out of the country.

There are also times when the flights get delayed for one reason or another, often due to bad weather but also technical reasons, etc.

For times like these, it can be frustrating and tiresome to sit at the departure area while waiting for your designated flight – because there are times when flights do get delayed for more than 5 hours!

Photo credit: The Wings Transit Lounge / Facebook
Photos by The Wings Transit Lounge / Facebook

At the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, you can relax and wait for your flight in the comforts of the transit lounges which you can book for a couple of hours, depending on your need. What’s great about staying within the airport terminal is that you wouldn’t worry about getting late for your flight after getting stuck in traffic.


Also, the rooms are quite comfortable and you get to enjoy delicious food from the buffet. Moreover, you can also take a shower, indulge in a massage at the spa for a fee, and use the free internet access.

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