Toddler Tries to Help Babysit Twin Siblings but the Results were Disastrous!

Screenshot of video by Tandayag Jarily / Facebook

This video serves as a warning for parents to NEVER leave their babies unattended, especially if there are toddlers around! While it is true that some older siblings get jealous of the attention the new babies are getting and this could lead to dangerous behavior like covering the baby with a pillow (yes! that happens!), loving siblings can also be as dangerous as they try to help out but end up with disastrous results, too!

Screenshot of video by Tandayag Jarily / Facebook
Screenshot of video by Tandayag Jarily / Facebook

Take for example this CCTV footage wherein a toddler tries to babysit one of her newborn twin siblings, copying what she thinks adults do when handling babies. The problem here is that she had no idea that babies’ necks have to be supported at all times when they are as young as this – and that despite the newborns being small, they are still too big for her to carry by herself!

In her wish to help out, the toddler ends up harming the baby! The child she was trying to carry fell from her arms, landing with a thud on the bed. Then, she tries to correct her mistake by carrying the baby again! It really was so painful to watch…

Check out this cringe-worthy clip and let this serve as a warning for you to never, ever leave babies unattended because a lot of things could happen in a span of a few seconds.

Nako!! nako!! Mag.ingat talaga mga Nanay Huwag niyo iiwan ang mga baby ninyo! Kahit Cctv walang magagawa kapag may mangyayari…

Posted by Tandayag Jarily on Tuesday, October 11, 2016