LOOK: This Lovely Little Lady Looks Like Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano is one of the prettiest faces from the local TV scene – and has captured the hearts not just of Filipino guys but several foreigner artists as well. Indeed, Liza has a gorgeous face! But what can you say about this photo?

Photo by: Kylie Tripulca / Facebook
Photo by: Kylie Tripulca / Facebook

No, you are not looking at a throwback photo of Liza Soberano because these photos have only been taken recently – and these are not hers, actually, but that of little Maximy Buera Tadeo who is being touted as the Little Liza Soberano of Naga City.

Good luck to Maximy Buera Tadeo, our little Liza Soberano of Naga City for her pageant later, Little Ms. Bicolandia 2016 Candidate #6,” Kylie Tripulca wrote last month on Facebook. To date, the post has gained over 115k likes and close to 35k shares.

This kid surely has a future in showbiz – and judging by the contests and pageants she’s joining, she’s on the way to becoming a star! Could she become another favorite artist or will she bring honor to the Philippines as an international beauty queen? We can’t wait to find out!

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