This Guy Goes Viral for Sharing How Much He Loves His ‘Plus Sized’ Girlfriend

Society has an ideal image for people – and it doesn’t matter that this ideal image only applies to a select number of people because everyone often wants to achieve this ideal image!

But there are people who refuse to follow what society dictates them to do, not because they find it impossible to follow society’s rules but because they have long realized that there’s nothing wrong with looking and being far from what society wants – for nobody is perfect and no matter how you look, someone else could still say something about it, anyway.

When Jeto Guanzon shared his story on Facebook page, Love What Matters, it quickly went viral because everyone loved the idea that this boyfriend is so in love with his girl and is so proud of who she is beyond her size!

Photo credit: Jeto Guanzon - Love What Matters / Facebook
Photo credit: Jeto Guanzon – Love What Matters / Facebook

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  1. We get it, you love your plus sized girl, a lot of guys are including myself. But why make a big fuss about it? Makes me think you’re just trying to bring attention to yourself. It’s like giving yourself a pat on the shoulder for doing a good deed. As if loving a curvier girl makes you better than everybody else because our narrow-minded society looks down on them. If you truly love your girl you can just simply post “I love this lovely woman”, period. Don’t dwell on your physical differences. What a douche!

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