This Foreigner Proudly Wears a Duterte Baller, Says Filipinos are Lucky to Have Him as President

Social media user Ian Lapayo was heading to Cebu on Ceres Bus #8410 when he noticed a foreigner wearing a Duterte baller. Considering that the presidential campaign season had long been over and that many Duterte supporters don’t even wear the baller now, out of curiosity, Lapayo asked the foreigner why he was wearing the baller and how he got it.

Photo credit: Ian Lapayo / Facebook
Photo credit: Ian Lapayo / Facebook

I didn’t see this guy personally (referring to Pres. Duterte) but I knew him through world news and social media, and I find him really great as a president in your country. We, Americans, are hoping to have this kind of leader in our country who is very straight forward and a love to his country,” replied the foreigner.

He added, “You are so lucky to have Duterte as your president. So just take care of him by showing your support and love to him.

Lapayo was shocked by the foreigner’s reply but smiled back. He didn’t say a word but at the back of his mind, he mused how it was awesome that a foreigner could appreciate the president and everything that he’s doing when his own people could only see his negative aspects.

What do you think of the foreigner’s reply?


  1. He’s not the only one that feels that way. When I retired from the Law Enforcement field and moved to the Philippines in July, 2014, I chose Davao because of Mayor Duterte (Now President). I’m not only tired of President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s BS; I’m tired of political correctness. People who judge President Duterte truly doesn’t understand the root problems of the Philippines. Right, Wrong, or Indifferent – He loves his country; unlike Obama. He ruined America. Hillary will continue to destroy America. America will fall without a War because the corrupt politicians there are destroying her from within. President Duterte has the courage and conviction to save his. What’s the big difference between him and Obama? Pres Duterte loves his country. Obama doesn’t!

  2. We Filipinos are very lucky to have him. Majority of the Filipinos are feed up of sugar mouthing promises. We elected him because he has the true concern and love. We rather choose a badmouth but true to himself and acts than a statesman figure who never care for the man of his state. Only those who has a spoon on their mouth dont understand how Duterte is moving. I always include him in my prayer to protect him from harm.

  3. Basher of prd can’t see that.. look how sad other country or nationality appreciate our president.. they only see what he said they cant see what the point is.. sorry for my grammar.. i feel sad for the Blindness of the Others and feel sorry for my Country.. open your eyes and shut ur mouth its only the beginning…

  4. if the Philippines goes down, it will be because the Filipinos brought her down. period. don’t blame China, the UE, the US. blame yourselves. for the first time you have a president who is not afraid to say it like it is, and you guys want to stay in the same rotten status quo hole. so stay there.

  5. I know that with 90% of the Filipinos fully supporting Pres. Duterte and his program of government, the Philippines will have its brightest period in history. We will go up definitely with Duterte at the helm!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Go Philippines Go……. Buy Philippine-made products please, that’s one key to our progress as a nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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