Student Drops Wallet Filled with Tuition Fee Money… Gets it Back from Honest Traffic Cop

Maria Carmina Ocampo was distraught upon realizing that her wallet was gone – because it contained a huge amount of money she needed to pay for her tuition fees in school that day! She was quite lucky that it was an honest traffic cop who picked up the wallet and not some dishonest person who would have pocketed the money for himself/herself.

Photos by Team Etraksid / Facebook

The story was posted on Team Etraksid to praise TPMO Michael Gregorio who immediately contacted the girl and had the wallet returned. Indeed, there are still people in this world who are honest and would not hesitate to return to the owners the things they could have kept for themselves – and no one would have known about it if he just kept the money!


But he chose to do what is right and we applaud him for that. Salute to you, TPMO Michael Gregorio! Thanks for your honesty. God bless…

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