Pinoy Guy with Short Legs and Only One Arm, Works as Mechanic in Dubai… What an Inspiration!

He was bullied as a kid and had faced a lot of difficulties while growing up but 32-year-old Juan Samujo Briza did not let those challenges bring him down. In fact, this admirable guy is now working in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates as electrician and A/C technician at Star Auto Care Motors – and has been in the company for 3 years already!

Today, he has become a huge inspiration to many people despite his small size.

Screenshot from video by GulfNewsTV / YouTube
Screenshot from video by GulfNewsTV / YouTube

In a heartwarming interview on Gulf News TV, he narrated how he had suffered a lot of challenges in his life and had even come to a point when he questioned why he had all these disabilities when his 9 siblings had complete, regular bodies.

Still, he was able to overcome his self-doubts and persevered. He did not rely on his siblings and parents; instead, he became a mechanic who earned a living for himself. He’s not a burden to society but has actually become a wonderful example to many people out there, people with or without complete body parts!

Watch his inspiring story and message in this touching clip by GulfNewsTV: