Photo of Lone Cop Being Beaten by Several Rallyists Goes Viral

Everyone was getting incensed about the cop who angrily drove the patrol car and hit several protesters in front of the US embassy – and we don’t condone his behavior, no matter if he was panicking and was just trying to escape the allegedly violent rallyists – yet there are also photos of cops who were hurt in the clash.

These cops had their uniforms forever damaged by red paint that the rallyists threw at them. The protesters even defaced police property, vandalizing on the patrol cars and police buildings.

And then, there was also this photo of a cop who was beaten by several protesters.

Photo credit: Facebook / Tambayan ni Berto
Photo credit: Facebook / Tambayan ni Berto

Netizens were angry over the photo, saying that these protesters really went overboard and shouldn’t have started the fight with the cops. There were also those who said that if only these militant groups would stop doing protest rallies as the president seems to be actually on their side – so, why do they still have to protest, anyway?


  1. I could imagie why the people in metro manila are angry. The biggest problem in the Philippines is the poverty.

    • No your probably wrong. I must admit that the biggest problem here in the Philippines are we Filipino ourselves. There is so much politicking going on. We had our election last May 9 but still people are in election mode doing smear campaign to discredit those who won.

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