Photo of DPWH Project Tarpaulin Bearing Pres. Duterte’s Name Angers Netizens

In all his many years of service in the government, particularly in Davao City, incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte has never placed his name or likeness in government projects or tarpaulins/signboards announcing such projects.

But a few days ago, photos of tarpaulins bearing his name and that of Mark Villar, the Secretary of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), had gone viral – and quickly slammed by Duterte supporters, particularly those from Davao City, his hometown.

Photo credit: Sass Rogando Sasot / Facebook
Photo credit: Sass Rogando Sasot / Facebook

Clearly, despite the tarpaulins indicating that the project (the C5 extension road) was “An initiative of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte”, this did not have the president’s blessing. After all, he’s never placed his name on any project for over 20 years, why start now? Also, he’s been vocal about ‘epal’ politicians putting their names on projects and government properties as he believes that these are owned by the people, despite the supposed efforts of the politicians to get these projects accomplished.

Sass Rogando Sasot, one of Duterte’s supporters who has long been taking his side in the international scene, posted the following:


Hi Miss Sass!

I just saw this photo today from echoserang Carlos Celdran.

It’s a photo of tarpaulins indicating the initiative of the President and DPWH Sec Villar on the C5 extension road.

I was born and raised in Davao City and Duterte NEVER DOES THIS TYPE OF KA-EPALAN! How can we call out the attention of Villar para itigil na niya and kawalang hiyaan na ito as it would badly reflect on PRRD.

When I saw this my blood boiled instantly. Ginagamit na naman ito ng mga Yellow para siraan si PRRD. It’s just a tarpaulin pero putangina this is not good.

Minutes later, Sass received a reply from Villar’s team.

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