Netizens Angry over Photo of Nurse’s Payslip Showing Unbelievably Small Salary

Nurses have one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs as they are constantly exposed to dangerous illnesses – and their profession is also one of the most expensive and difficult to get to for BS Nursing is one of the most expensive courses in college as tuition rates are higher and they also have to pay for a lot of extra expenses, including OJTs.

But it seems that nurses are also among the lowest paid professionals, in the Philippines, anyway.

It is common knowledge, in fact, that a lot of nurses resort to paying the hospital so they will be allowed to do ‘volunteer’ work so they can earn work hours that could help them, possibly, get a job abroad.

Photo credit: Viral4Real
Photo credit: Viral4Real

In this payslip shared on Facebook, the unnamed nurse receives an amazingly low salary of Php2,860 ($59) for working 11 days – that means that this nurse only receives Php260 ($5) per day!

Assuming that this nurse works in Metro Manila, he/she is receiving only about half the minimum wage! According to the National Wages and Productivity Commission, non-agriculture sector/industry, including private hospitals with bed capacity of 100 or less in Metro Manila should pay their workers Php491 ($10) per day.

While this nurse could still be considered ‘lucky’ that he/she is receiving some kind of compensation from the hospital instead of paying to be allowed to ‘volunteer’, the payslip is a wake-up call to relevant authorities to also check on the work conditions and pays that our nurses have to suffer in the country…


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