Netizen Who Started Petition for Facebook to Suspend Mocha Uson Blog’s Account, Gets Own Account Suspended!

All he wanted was to have Facebook suspend the account of Mocha Uson blog for supposedly spreading “fictitious/unsupported claims, fake news, and false information about pressing issues in the Philippines” but Paul Quilét had his own account suspended!

Photo credit: Twitter / @Pol_Kyu


As of press time, the Mocha Uson blog Facebook page is still up and hasn’t been suspended by Facebook yet but Quilét’s had been out since Monday night, October 24 – incidentally just a day after he filed the petition to get the sexy entertainer-turned-blogger’s social media account.


Meanwhile, the counter-petition filed by social media user Cheryl Anne has, as of press time, overtaken the initial astronomical lead against Quilét’s first petition!

While “Suspend Mocha Uson Blog Facebook Page” now has 31,090 supporters, “STOP online petition SILENCING MOCHA USON Blog” already has 31,178 supporters! While the lead is not that huge, it was still impressive considering that gap had been 20,500+ versus 8,000+ just a day after Quilét created his petition.




Is this the battle for freedom of speech? Then, it would seem that Quilét’s got a bitter taste of his own medicine…

He’s bound to get this account back sometime soon, though – and we’re wondering whether that would mean that Facebook would listen to his petition and drop the Mocha Uson blog! For now, all we could do is wait and see what happens next…

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  1. Better be careful with your actions, Mr. Quilet. Social media entails responsibility, the protocol is if you do not believe in anyone’s advocacy, stay out.

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