LOOK: Woman with No Hands Makes Awesome Crocheted Items Using Her Feet!

Crocheting is a difficult thing to do – but it can produce the most beautiful products! It is a skill that requires hours of practice plus more hours to finish.

But if you think that crocheting is difficult using your hands, think about how crazily challenging it must be if you have to use your feet! Well, one woman who had no hands was able to learn how to use her feet to do crochet – and she makes the most awesome stuff!

Photo credit: Trending and Viral / Facebook
Photo credit: Proud Pinoy – Trending and Viral / Facebook

As shared by Proud Pinoy from netizen Nelly Marisol Estrada on Facebook, photos and a video of a woman doing crochet with her feet has gone viral and she definitely earns our admiration.

While it was not mentioned where the woman could be found and how to buy her products, we express admiration that she could do these stuff using her feet!

If you don’t believe that she actually uses her feet to create these awesome items, just wait until you see the video on the next page!

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