LOOK: 31 Vintage Photos of Filipino Children Showcasing Our Beautiful History

Published with permission via Homer Fernandes

Were your parents able to take and preserve your childhood photos? If yes, you surely must have enjoyed looking through those photos now, reminiscing about the past and quite possibly laughing at how ridiculous you looked with the fashion items of your generation that are no longer used these days.

But old photos are more than just things that make us laugh but also showcase just how beautiful our history had been not just as a family but as Filipino people!

Of course, there’s not really much difference in how kids look in the past and now but you can see some subtle differences still – such as in hairstyles and clothing as well as stuff that you can see in the backgrounds of these old photos, including kalesas that are no longer the kings of the road or other stuff…

Check out some of these vintage photos of children, as colorized by digital artist Homer Fernandes:

I’m wondering that was so interesting for these kids…

Published with permission via Homer Fernandes
Published with permission via Homer Fernandes

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