Just a Week after Passing Board Exams, New Doctor Helps Deliver Neighbor’s Baby in Backseat of a Car

The mother was strong and very brave. She listened very carefully to my instructions and I asked her to trust me. And with just a few good pushes, the baby’s head popped out. I grabbed her head and maneuvered to deliver the rest of her body,” the doctor added.

She immediately cried and i gave a sigh of relief. I dried her up and kept her warm over her mother’s chest. At this time, the condo personnel arrived with the first aid kit. I had to cut the cord and deliver the placenta. Luckily they had sterile gloves and bandage scissors but there was no clip. I improvised and used the mother’s (sturdy metal) hair clip – the one that bends to close. I used 2 clips to clamp the cord and cut it, and then i delivered the placenta.

Photo credit: Mikko Manalastas / Facebook
Photo credit: Mikko Manalastas / Facebook

He still advised the parents to go to the hospital and would later receive a beautiful snapshot of baby Gabriela Ann.

It was such a blessing that Dr. Manalastas happened to be there to help the couple deliver this beautiful baby – and we’re willing to bet he’s going to be this precious angel’s godfather!

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Posted by Mikko Manalastas on Saturday, October 1, 2016