Just a Week after Passing Board Exams, New Doctor Helps Deliver Neighbor’s Baby in Backseat of a Car

He had just passed the board exams and received his license number but new doctor Mikko Manalastas did not hesitate to help a couple when he realized that the woman was hard in labor and might deliver the baby before they could reach the hospital!

According to the new doctor, he was on his way to a seminar and was a bit groggy from the previous night’s celebration, but his physician instincts kicked in when a couple hurriedly went in the elevator he was riding and “the mother was crying hard into labor”.

Photo credit: Mikko Manalastas / Facebook
Photo credit: Mikko Manalastas / Facebook

He introduced himself to the couple and helped them to their car but upon checking on the mother, he saw that the baby was already crowning and quite possibly wouldn’t be able to reach the hospital, what with the traffic and the child’s current position.

So, the new doctor delivered the baby right then and there, on the backseat of the couple’s car, using what materials were available for the makeshift delivery. He even only used wet wipes to clean the mother and actually deliver the child but he was quite thankful that everything went smoothly and that the baby was safe and immediately cried upon delivery.

They were supposed to go to a nearby private hospital but i couldn’t risk the traffic so i made the call to deliver the baby right then and there. I didn’t have the proper materials but i needed to improvise. I grabbed my bag and took out my bath towel (clean and unused) and placed it over the mother’s abdomen. I used wet wipes to clean the area and used the wet wipes as makeshift gloves and waited for the baby’s head to come out,” Dr. Manalastas narrated in a Facebook post.

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