Hayden Kho Admits Sins of the Past, Thankful for Redemption and New Role as Dad

Photo credit: IG / @dochayden

Controversial celebrity cosmetic doctor Hayden Kho had a tumultuous past, especially when he figured in various video scandals with two actresses but his girlfriend at the time, Dr. Vicki Belo, eventually forgave him and the two now have a lovely daughter, Scarlet Snow Belo.

Proud dad Hayden has been posting plenty of photos of Scarlet Snow on social media.

Yesterday, the proud dad posted a throwback photo of a newborn Scarlet Snow sleeping soundly with her mom. He wrote a touching caption, referring to his sinful past and expressing gratefulness for the redemption he experienced and his wonderful role now as dad.

Photo credit: IG / @dochayden
Photo credit: IG / @dochayden

I am beginning to see that God allowed me to fall into the “sins of the flesh” years ago in order to teach me an important lesson on humility and to turn me into the kind of man He can use for His purposes; a real man capable of leading responsibly and loving genuinely. For this I am thankful… because now that I have @scarletsnowbelo, I realized it’s true: it does take a real man to be a real father.

The post has gone viral, with plenty of people praising Hayden for not letting his sinful past dictate his future and for becoming a better man after what he had gone through.

Isn’t this wonderful?