Crying Grandpa Looking for Missing 4-Year-Old Granddaughter Goes Viral

An old man crying inside a jeep caught the attention of a few netizens, one of them asked the old man what was wrong and discovered that he is looking for his missing 4-year-old granddaughter.

According to the old man, his granddaughter’s name is Jelian Saldoa. They are from Bulacan but he goes from place to place so he could find her. At the time, the netizen posted that he was riding a jeep in Rizal.

Photos by TNP – Trending News Portal / Facebook

The other passengers started handing the old man money but he refused to accept those, saying that he still has enough money for fare and didn’t want to impose on other passengers. All he wants is for people to help him find his granddaughter. So, the netizen shared his photos and a snapshot of his ‘missing’ on TNP – Trending News Portal.


While there were people who bashed the old man, saying that he was just another scammer, others quickly pointed out that he had actually refused to accept money from the other passengers. Lolo Mariano eventually accepted the money when the passengers insisted.

Another netizen shared a similar photo, taken sometime in summer. On that post, the social media user said that the old man claimed that the girl was taken by a certain Arlyn Robles [same name as that posted on the latest photo] from their home. Robles was supposedly just living in the family’s house when she took off with the child and both were never seen again.


While other netizens are asking why he’s the only one looking for the girl, it is highly possible that the child’s parents were also looking for her in other places so they can cover more ground or that they are at work to feed the family but searching for the girl on their free time.

What do you think of this post? Do you think the grandpa is just another scammer or is he for real?