Counter-Petition to Stop Online Petition Silencing Mocha Uson Blog, Launched by Duterte Supporters

Even as the online petition entitled “Suspend Mocha Uson Blog Facebook Page” is gaining a lot of supporters on, a counter-petition is slowly but steadily catching up. “STOP online petition SILENCING MOCHA USON Blog” was launched hours after the petition for suspension.

Mocha’s supporters believe that she is being silenced because her blog’s Facebook page has become more popular than those of mainstream media! Even with lesser number of posts, she actually has more engagement compared with mainstream media; thus, her supporters believe that the others and their supporters are trying to take her out of the picture.


Photo credit: MOCHA USON BLOG / Facebook
Photo credit: MOCHA USON BLOG / Facebook

Started by Cheryl Anne, the counter-petition stated [Screenshot from]:


As of press time, the first petition already has over 29,700 signatures but the counter-petition has also gained over 20,500 supporters!

With both petitions being sent to Facebook, we could only wait for the results and see whether Facebook will, indeed, take down Mocha’s page and if that happens, whether the social media giant would also listen to the second petition and bring back the page after suspension – or another scenario would really be that nothing will happen to the page.


Let’s wait and see…