Coffin-Inspired Furniture in Cebu Goes Viral… But Would You Get This for Your Home?

Would you dare sit on a seat that looks like a coffin or use the table top shaped like one? Would you also dare to have coffin-inspired furniture in your own home! Ekkkk!

I am pretty sure no one would voluntarily buy such kinds of furniture – as you it would be like living in the setting of a horror movie, seeing coffins in the dark when the night comes. That can be quite scary, especially if you have an overactive imagination!

Photos by ABS-CBN News
Photos by ABS-CBN News

In Carcar City, Cebu, a funeral parlor commissioned a carpenter to build the coffin-inspired furniture for the reception area. While the coffin-like furniture do look great and show awesome artistry, we’re just glad to learn that they are in a funeral parlor, not in a real home.

It would be weird to visit someone at home and have to sit on these coffins – it would be like visiting Count Dracula or something!


But you’ve got to admit these furniture look great. Would you dare get these for your home?