Cabbie Brings to Police Station a Woman Who Passed Out from Being Too Drunk

In San Mateo, Rizal in the Philippines, an unnamed woman who passed out in a cab for being too drunk was brought to the police station by the kind taxi driver. According to the cabbie, the woman could not even remember her own address; thus, he took her to San Mateo Police Station to ensure her safety.

The woman was lucky as she could have been robbed or even raped if she had gotten into the wrong cab! It was a good thing that the cabbie was a good man and had brought her straight to the police station.

Photo credit: San Mateo Mps Rizal / Facebook
Photo credit: San Mateo Mps Rizal / Facebook

When she finally came to, the cops gave her coffee and asked for her family’s contact number so they could fetch her from the police station.

The cops later posted the story to remind everyone to stay safe and to drink only what they can without passing out as this story could have ended differently…

Dahil sa kalasingan isang babae ang nakatulog sa loob ng taxi at inihatid ng taxi driver sa himpilan ng San Mateo Police…

Posted by San Mateo Mps Rizal on Friday, October 21, 2016

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  1. to the driver – May your tribe increase, you planted kindness, kindness, a thousandfold will return to you in due time.

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