Would You Watch an Anime Inspired by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte? Watch The Viral Trailer Here!

Screenshot of video

In the past months, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been making headlines in different news outlets not only in the Philippines but to countries from all over the world, too.

His character makes him a one-of-a-kind president whom his people and fellow countrymen loves (and hates), while people from other countries are either amazed by him or shocked by his behavior but nonetheless, people can agree that the President is doing his utmost best for his country to improve and change for the better.

Screenshot of video
Screenshot of video

An anime video trailer showing President Rodrigo Duterte has gone viral in the social media after it was posted last Sunday.The video was entitled El Presidente  and it got 285,000 views, almost 20,000 shares and 8,000 plus reactions just six hours after posting in the Bisayaball Facebook page.

It was made by Davao Nikkei Jin Anime Club in cooperation with Bisayaball Community with a song background “Silhouette” by KANA-BOON which air 1 minute and 28 second.

After watching the said trailer, majority of the viewers had positive comments for the video and its creators. They said they enjoyed the video and some even said that it would be an amazing anime series if ever it would be aired on TV.

Watch the trailer below and see for yourself: