WATCH: Heartwarming Video of a Jollibee Crew and a Super Strict Regular Customer Goes Viral

Screenshot of video

It seems that grandmas can either be too strict or too lenient – but either way, all they really want is for their grandkids to have a better life and to grow up the proper way. Were your grandmas too strict or too lenient?

Well, there’s this heartwarming video shared by Jollibee based on a true story.

A Jollibee crew often gets corrected by a strict old lady. Sometimes it is the way she talks or the way she smiles or something else, even her having a crooked nameplate! Each time the old lady comes into the store, she looks for this particular Jollibee crew – and seems to notice something that the crew is not doing properly.

Screenshot of video
Screenshot of video

While a lot of people would have become irritated by such a perfectionist old lady, this Jollibee crew took it all in stride and always had a huge smile ready for the old lady.

And just when you become tired of her seeing something wrong with what the younger lady is doing, she does not say a word and simply leaves the counter to eat by herself at her table.

The video would later reveal that this strict old lady is really just the Jollibee crew’s supportive grandmother who would willingly do anything to ensure that her granddaughter improves at her job and someday, hopefully, become a store manager, too…

Pinaiyak mo ako dun Jollibee ah!

Posted by Sachzna Laparan on Friday, September 9, 2016