Tired and Hungry 3-Year-Old Girl Abandoned by Parents, Saved by Netizen from Possible Harm in the Hands of Strangers

QUEZON CITY, Philippines – A social media user is praising emergency hotline 911 for the quick action that helped save the life of a girl estimated to be 3 to 4 years old who was found walking in a dark street after she was abandoned by her parents.

According to Tolits Palencia, he was on his way home with his wife and daughter when they noticed a man talking to the girl along the sidewalk in an area which wasn’t well lighted.

Alarm bells must have sounded off in Palencia’s mind as he watched the scene because he went closer to investigate what was happening. It turned out that the girl was abandoned by her parents and the stranger was asking her some questions but she was too weak and hungry to speak.

Photo credit: Facebook / Tolits Palencia
Photo credit: Facebook / Tolits Palencia

A few people had soon gathered around them but Palencia was hesitant to leave the girl with the other guy or in these other people’s hands; thus, he called 911 for assistance. The call immediately connected him to an agent who asked him relevant questions about the incident and told him to standby for feedback.

The 911 agent called Palencia back after a few minutes, informing him that the cops are already on the way. His daughter went home to get some food and drinks for the kid while they waited for the policemen to arrive.

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