This Guy Transfers from Jeep to Jeep So He Can Give Cakes and Rosaries, Only Asking People to Pray for Davao Blast Victims as ‘Payment’

Have you experienced riding a passenger bus or jeep where there are people who would ask for money as ‘donation’ or ‘offering’ for their church? Sometimes they don’t even ride the vehicle but simply ask people waiting for their rides to give them some money, right? And they could be so irritating at times!

So, when a guy boarded a jeep, wearing a lapel microphone and bringing a bag, netizen Roxanne Ramos thought he was just another one of those religious folks asking for donations.

Photo by: Roxanne Ramos / Facebook
Photo by: Roxanne Ramos / Facebook

The moment the guy began talking, it was clear in the air that everyone thought he was going to lecture them about God, then ask donations for His church. But they were all wrong. He told them he was not asking for donations but is, in fact, going to give them cupcakes and rosaries for free!

He passed around prayer flyers, rosaries, and ‘Overload’ cakes for everyone. He said that he wasn’t asking money from them but is only hoping they would say a prayer for the victims of the Davao blast as well as ask intercession for the nation that there would be no more dangerous events happening anywhere in the country!

What a beautiful gesture of sharing… It may not make a big difference and erase the sufferings of those who were affected by the Davao blast but it was surely a wonderful thing to do…

nsa kalagitnaan ako ng byahe pauwi ng may sumakay na isang lalake na may Lapel microphone, papel at bag…sabi ko sa…

Posted by Roxanne Ramos on Saturday, September 10, 2016