Street Vendor in Critical Condition after Rival Douses Him with Gasoline While He’s Cooking

Filipinos love street food – and this has given plenty of people livelihood as they sold various food items from mobile food carts or roadside stalls.

In the Philippines, however, there is this mentality wherein other people ‘copy’ the popular business so they can also earn money for themselves. This is often the reason why you can find several barbecue stalls in one area, several tempura stalls in another spot, various lechon manok brands at another area, and so on…

In Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, and in many places across the Philippines actually, fried chicken sold in mobile carts has become a popular food item – especially for workers and students looking for a ‘fast food’ that is cheap yet delicious.

Photo credit:  Kabankalan PNP / ABS-CBN News
Photo credit: Kabankalan PNP / ABS-CBN News

Clarencio Bernabe Jr., 19, had just started selling this kind of food last month when a rival Ryan Dolar, 20, allegedly became angry with his new competition.

The jealous Dolar poured gasoline on Bernabe the latter was cooking – and the victim was quickly engulfed in flames! Even Dolar suffered from burns when some of the gasoline spilled on his feet and also caught fire.

The onlookers quickly helped put the fire out and the two were brought to the hospital. Bernabe suffered third degree burns on many parts of his body and is still in critical condition while Dolar has been declared as safe.

The cops are still looking for a motive on the incident although Bernabe’s mother believes that it was rivalry in business that caused Dolar to burn her son. What a sore loser!