Prankster Orders Thousands of Pesos Worth of Food from Several Restaurants, Sends Them to Gov’t Officials’ Offices

Several offices of government officials in Cebu City, central Philippines received thousands of pesos worth of food ranging from hamburgers and vegetable salads to several boxes of crispy pata and lechon! But no one knew who send those items – and they weren’t also paid in advance! Some of the restaurants were also conned into sending the prankster/scammer prepaid load!

One of those who received the huge order of food was the office of Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella. According to office staff Jovy Montecillo, their office received Php3,000 worth of original and spicy lechon plus Php700 worth of soft drinks last Wednesday noon.

Photo by Shutterstock
Photo by Shutterstock

Since the lechon was already chopped, the delivery woman was concerned that she could no longer sell it; thus, the vice mayor paid for the order even though their office wasn’t the one who ordered the items.

That afternoon, another set of food was delivered to Labella’s office; this time, it was 5 kg of crispy pata from another restaurant. This restaurant also sent the caller Php500 prepaid load after being told to charge this along with the crispy pata bill. The office did not pay for the food or the load and the delivery boy had to bring it back to the restaurant.

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