Japanese Media Reportedly Released Trivia on Duterte’s Cursing… And Announced He’s Not Referring to Obama

While Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had gained much flak over reports that he allegedly cursed US President Barack Obama before he left for Laos to attend the ASEAN Summit, foreigners were curious as to what he really said and what the word had meant.

In Japan, for example, a news outlet had released a trivia/primer reportedly educating viewers what “putang ina” meant. The slur directly translates as “son of a prostitute”; though there are many people in the Philippines who actually use the term similarly as “damn”.

Photo credit: News Catalyst
Photo credit: News Catalyst

According to News Catalyst, the Japanese media announced that Duterte had not been referring to Obama when he made the slur.

But why would Japan go out of its way to make the trivia? Well, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe himself had previously told Duterte that he is famous in Japan.

However, we are still verifying the news of the trivia as it has not reached mainstream media but has only been passed around in blogs.