Fried Bananas and Monggo Await Pres. Duterte at Boodle Fight Dinner at the Barracks of the Philippine Marines

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte will be at the barracks of the Philippine Marines at Riduardo Brown in Taguig City, Metro Manila tonight. After his speech and the ceremony at the barracks, the president is also expected to join the marines in the traditional boodle fight.

People’s Television (PTV) shared a sneak peak of what the president and the marines will be sharing for dinner. As is usual, there’s plenty of rice spread over banana leaves carefully placed on top of the table but netizens couldn’t help but take note of the viand on the spread: chopped lechon and monggo!

Photo credit: PTV / Facebook
Photo credit: PTV / Facebook

I didn’t know monggo can be part of the menu for a boodle fight, considering that they wouldn’t be using utensils to eat those! Still, this could have been chosen by whoever was in-charge of the food because monggo is among the president’s favorite dish.

Also present on the boodle fight table were some pieces of fried banana, another of Duterte’s favorite food.


What’s your favorite Pinoy viand/dish for a boodle fight?