Boy Who Wakes Up Extra Early and Stays Up Late at Night to Sell ‘Kesong Puti’ Even on School Days Gains Netizens’ Admiration

Even on school days, a boy named Prince wakes up early and rides a bus at 4AM so he could reach the spot beside Amber in Filmore Street, Makati by 6AM to drop his goods before heading to school. By noon when his school hours end, he goes back to the spot to start selling ‘kesong puti’ (Filipino white cheese).

According to social media user Analee Rodriguez who shared Prince’s story on Facebook, the boy gets to sell all his goods by 9PM during good days but has to stay until the next school day on leaner days when he still has some kesong puti left over to sell the following day.

Photo credit: Analee Rodriguez / Facebook
Photo credit: Analee Rodriguez / Facebook

While the task is not so difficult, it does take its toll on such a small boy – especially because the 10-year-old boy has to juggle his selling time with hours at school and doing his homework!

But as you can see in the photo shared by Analee, he does not seem to mind and had a ready smile for the camera. She revealed that the boy does misses a lot of time with his siblings and could go home earlier if his goods get sold out quickly.

So, Analee urges people to buy from Prince if ever they happen to go near his spot on Filmore Street.

Good luck on your studies and your life, Prince!