Bongbong Marcos Stands in Place of Bong Daza, Walks Godchild Isabelle Daza Down the Aisle

Last July 14, just 2 months from her wedding, Gabriel “Bong” Daza III, the father of actress Isabelle Daza passed away. Since her dad could no longer walk her down the aisle, it was one of her godfathers – Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos – who stood in his place.

On September 10 in Italy, Bongbong happily walks his godchild to the aisle as she marries Adrien Semblat in a grand ceremony.

Screenshot of photographer Francis Perez's IG post
Screenshot of photographer Francis Perez’s IG post

While some social media users thought that someone had just cleverly photoshopped Bongbong’s photo into Isabelle’s wedding, this was not really the case – and the snapshot was confirmed by many of those who attended the wedding.

On his verified Facebook account, Bongbong would also post a photo of him with the lovely bride. He congratulated the couple on their wedding and mentioned how Bong would have been happy to see his daughter getting married.

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  1. Amazing country! No wonder, you Filipinos remain poor and corrupt.

    In other countries, this kind of people, having part and parcel of his father’s despotic rule would have been beheaded and hang on the pole together with Imelda. But you even made them senator, governor, etc. And the cruel, corrupt, thief, murderer and torturer dictator’s family want for him a hero’s burial.


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