4 Classic Filipino Commercials That Will Take You Down Memory Lane

Did you grow up in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? This is the time when life seemed simpler: You actually went out to play with friends (not the PS3), no internet, no cell phones, a lot less traffic, TV sets were still black and white (most), and the commercials on TV were well, simple, unlike some of the high-budget productions now-a-days.

I stumbled upon these videos more than a year ago and they really brought back a lot of noontime memories as a child growing up in Kamuning, QC. I remember seeing most of these during commercial breaks while having monggo for lunch and our TV tuned-in to our favorite noontime show, Student Canteen with Eddie Ilarde, Bobby Ledesma, Connie Reyes, and Helen Vela.

This first video is for Ford Fiera with the original ‘mahangin’, Rod Navarro. He claims “150 pasahero ang kasya… sa sampung biyahe.” He was really known as one who exaggerated the truth in the characters he played in the movies and TV.

Screenshot of YouTube video by ADman1909
Screenshot of YouTube video by ADman1909

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