Video of Synchronized Rice Planting by Filipino Farmers Went Viral. Watching it Will Make You Proud to be Pinoy!

Truly, farmers are indispensable citizens. They are considered as modern day heroes making sure that the rest of the world does not starve. I really admire farmers because despite their difficult working conditions: they work rain or shine, under the scorching heat of the sun, even when it’s raining they go to work — Filipino farmers never fail to show dedication and passion on their work/craft.

But if you think that they only excel in just planting, you better think again and think twice because our farmers also possess other hidden and incredible talents!

A video of Pinoy farmers uploaded on Facebook recently went viral on social media as it shows farmers doing synchronized planting which amazed thousands of viewers. According to the Facebook post, the farmers are from Bataan.

In the video, you will see six farmer planting rice by hand and another two farmer helping out to replenish the stock while a man was heard singing different tunes as encouragement which served as the beat guide of the planting farmers. Even if they are planting only by hand, the farmers seemed to be enjoying their work.

After some time, the video showed a longer line of farmers who were participating in synchrony. Aren’t they amazing?

Photo credit: Facebook

Watch their awesome video below:

In line with this, another trait manifested in this video that is truly known for us Filipinos is our cheerfulness. It is admirable that these farmers show efficiency, dedication, and positivity all at the same time.