This Gorgeous Teen Has Gone Viral: Everyone Thought He Was A Girl!

A gorgeous passenger in a public utility jeepney (PUJ) has become the latest social media sensation after everyone mistook him for a girl.

Photos of the beautiful passenger has gone viral on various social media sites before someone revealed his name: Louis Santos – and he’s among the trending topics on Facebook in recent days.  (Be sure click through all 8 pages!)

Photo credit: Facebook / Trending Pinoy Videos
Photo credit: Facebook / Trending Pinoy Videos – Louis Santos

Many social media users couldn’t help but comment how Louis looks more like a girl than a boy. Despite having an Adam’s apple that is sometimes visible in some of his photos, Louis has soft, feminine features that truly makes him look more like a lady than a lad!

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    • A Lesbian is a “FEMALE homosexual: a FEMALE who experiences romantic love or sexual attraction to OTHER FEMALES.”

      Sorry ka na lang HINDI tayo puwede!! 🙂

  1. This is plain stupid. If he’s dressing, acting and changing his looks as a girl then obviously he’ll be treated as girl. And it’s obvious that that’s what he’s aiming for. This is entirely different to a cisgender teenage male who simply has feminine features.

  2. It’s amusing how this is considered news worthy here. But to the rest of Asia, guys like his are a normal thing.

    There are even cafes in places like Korea and Japan, where guys like him can work looking like gorgeous girls, and get fan girls that visit and flirt with them.

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