The 10-Hour Trip from Manila to Bicol Just Got More Comfortable with These ‘SkyBuses’

While plane travel is, by far, the fastest way to travel across the Philippines and many parts of the world these days, this option is also the priciest – for this reason, many travelers still opt to ride a land options like a bus or train to reach their destination, even if it means sitting in one place for some 10 hours or so.

This is what travelers often have to endure when traveling from Manila to, say, Bicol. But while nothing can be done right now to make this trip faster, bus company Isarog had something a little bit better to offer to the riding public: a luxurious called the ‘SkyBus Premiere 700”.

Photo credit: Facebook / Naga Smiles to the World
Photo credit: Facebook / Naga Smiles to the World

In a post that has since gone viral on social media, netizen Magno Conag shared photos of the upgraded ride which comes with a few rows of ‘solo’ seats that also double as massage chairs! Talk about extra comfort while traveling such a long distance!

Aside from the extra luxurious seats at the front, the rest of the seats were also huge and comfortable – reminiscent of plane seats, if you come to think of it.

While the bus won’t make the travel time any faster, at least it will make you feel more comfortable in the very long ride which could last anywhere from 9 to 10 hours. Not bad eh?